Erased Tapes to soundtrack perilous Mount Kyzyl Asker Expedition.

Most people go on holidays in their spare time. These people are going on a mighty expedition, climbing a still unclimbed ice-line on Mount Kyzyl Asker in Kyrgyzstan. And they have chosen music from the two Erased Tapes compilations to form the soundtrack to this exciting expedition. How much more perfect could this combination be…

They launched their website last night, take a look:

These kids are CRAZY, right? They told us in an email, that in the worst case they will have to get rescued by a helicopter if it’s getting too cold and risky…

They will try and upload as many clips as possible, each no longer than 3min – otherwise it will take days to upload it via Satellite Modem – with one Erased Tapes Compilation track per Clip, featuring The British Expeditionary Force, Ólafur Arnalds, Codes In The Clouds, Rival Consoles, Nils Frahm and Peter Broderick.

It’s just that they’ve never tried editing "in the field" and uploading it directly via Basecamp…it’s probably only gonna be solar power they have to work with.

These people have been planning this for a long time and we are very proud that our music will be part of this trip.
We will of course keep everyone up to date and blog/tweet about every new clip as this is just the sort of thing that makes the music we release so special.

They will leave Germany for Bishkek next Tuesday early morning, the 21st of September.

This project is so insanely dangerous and brave, let’s support these kooky people on their perilous yet breathtaking journey!

Much love.

 and all Erased Tapes artists.